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Health Boost Club Kit


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3 Vitamins and Supplements R10 Nutrition with Special Discount

How does Health Boost Club work?

By participating in our Associates Club, every month you get 3 Vitamins or Supplements with special conditions.

This Kit contain:

1 Coconut Oil Softgel R10 Nutrition
1 Omega 3 Fish Oil
1 Emergency Immnune Support

Coconut Oil is pressed from the dried flesh of the fruit from the coconut tree.
During the manufacturing process, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not exposed to chemical solvents or high temperatures.
This allows it to retain its chemical composition, including the medium chain triglycerides that give it many of its benefits.
The ingredients of PRS VIT Coconut Oil are 100% natural.
It features a soft gel cap composed of glycerin, gelatin, purified water, and carob.
Its internal contents are 100% organic, expeller-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil.

Organic Coconut Oil Benefits:

Balances weight
Increases metabolism and the burning of abdominal fat
Raises good cholesterol
Lowers bad cholesterol
Strengthens the immune system
Moisturizes and protects for healthier skin, stronger nails, and softer hair
Improves hormone health and thyroid function

The benefits of coconut oil can be felt in many areas of the body, inside and out. Internally, its antioxidants help the immune system by fighting off bacteria, viruses, yeast, candida, and fungus.
It can increase good cholesterol levels, improve the ratio of good and bad cholesterol, and lower the level of bad cholesterol.
As far as management of weight, coconut oil can increase the energy and metabolism, and encourage to breakdown of stubborn abdominal fats.
In addition to these benefits, PRS VIT Coconut Oil can improve hormone balances and thyroid health.
Outside of the body, coconut oil benefits the hair, skin, and nails because it is full of Vitamin E.
Vitamin E is both a moisturizer and protectant.



Omega 3 Fish Oil R10 Nutrition provides your body with the healthy fats it needs to increase joint flexibility while aiding your heart, brain, nerves and visual functions.

Omega 3 Fish Oil PRS VIT use 100% pure sea-harvested pelagic fish oil, making this supplement high in EPA and DHA. These nutrients are important for maintaining a healthy Brain and Nervous System and contributing to a healthy heart and Joint flexibility.

Manufactured in a strict quality control environment our PRS VIT Omega 3 Fish Oil is free of all harmful contaminates.


Improved Joint Flexibility
Contributes to healthy heart
Visual support
Supports Brain and nerves



Emergency Immune Support is a natural health supplement that contains 10 different immune-boosting ingredients.

With so many external factors that may strike the body every day, these ingredients become essential for your body when it needs to fight diseases and infections.

Why Use Emergency Immune Support R10 Nutrition:

Supports a healthy immune system
Contains 10 immune-boosting ingredients
Packed with potent antioxidants
Promotes digestive health

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